Moyhill Farm

Last month our six person FARE crew loaded our gear into a van and went on a road trip to Lahinch, Co. Clare. We were excited to meet the group of young men and women who run Moyhill organic farm.

This farm is the brainchild of Fergal Smith, a former pro-surfer who, after many years spent surfing in far-flung countries, decided to give up travelling and instead dedicate his life to growing organic vegetables for the Lahinch community.

We spent three days with Fergal  and Sally Smith, Matt Smith, Mitch Corbett and the team of volunteers who help out at the farm on a daily basis. Fergal spoke to us about protecting the environment, Community Supported Agriculture and the importance of open communication, so that people understand the reasons for buying local, seasonal vegetables.

We are excited to show you more about CSAs in our first documentary ‘Grow’, which will be released on the 23rd of August, 2017. Watch our first¬†trailer on our Facebook page here.

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