We decided to create a blog to keep you updated on where we are in the Fare production process. So far, we have filmed interviews with two contributors who generously gave up their time to help with our project.

The first contributor we interviewed was Ellie Kisyombe, who, with the help of Michelle Darmody, set up the non-profit organisation Our Table. This pop-up restaurant aims to raise awareness about Direct Provision in Ireland through food.

The good people at the Fumbally Stables kindly allowed us to film there on a Sunday morning when there was very little noise from traffic. Ellie had initially agreed to be filmed on Monday June 5th, despite the small fact that she was running the women’s mini marathon that day!

We spent the day talking to Ellie about life in DP, the importance of community and her plans for the future. 

Keep up with our progress here and on our facebook page where we will soon be showcasing our first trailer.

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